The End of the Chapter

The final chapter of the course is near. The journey to get here was long and full of challenges. But we had made it through stronger. And wiser than when we had started this semester. I feel blessed That I got the honor to work with a good teammate and be taught by a great professor, dr.Eissa. I am thankful to him for guiding us step by step. In the end, I have high hopes for the future and this blog. And in the end I hope so you love the final project topic womens sports .


Problem Ahead

During the making of the final project, the group split into two sides. One of the sides was satisfied with the two videos. The other wants a third video for the final project. We settled on the idea of adding a third video. But we are still waiting for the person to answer us. After five days, we changed our minds and decided that we won’t add a third video because nobody responded to our call.

Photo Story topic

It was hard to pick a Photo Story topic for the final project because we have so many topics to pick, and we only needed one. We picked the boxer woman story because it is not a typical sport for a Kuwaiti woman. It took us a few hours to edit the pictures and choose the perfect edit for each one. My team and I were planning to make a video of it. But we decided that it would be better if it is a photo story

Shooting Days

My team and I are ready to do the interview. But the people that we want to interview kept changing the date, which is upsetting. Fortunately, we managed to settle on a date.Even with a scheduled date, some interviews need two shooting days, which meantmore videos that needed editing and more time on the laptop. I hope that the final video will make this effort worth it.

Multimedia Class

Homeworks a word that every student doesn’t want to hear because no one wants to read five to ten pages about a random person’s accomplishment. Luckily for me, my multimedia class is different from my other courses. The homework may take a long time. But I learn more than reading a book on what to do. Before taking the course, I didn’t have any knowledge about the Multimedia course. I learned about two websites in this class, one of the websites that I learned and used a website called Canva. I used Canva for designing the website. The other one is called word press, which is a blogging website. The class has a lot of homework, which are Audio story, photo story, trial video, and video two. An audio story is imagining a story with narrations, which is similar to an audiobook. But it is small. Photostory is creating a story using photos with few sentences under it. Trial video is to learn how to take shots and how to use Imovie. I interviewed an ice cream man for the trial video. Video Two is a group assignment and an actual video assignment, unlike the trial video, which I did it alone, and it was for practicing how to take a video and learn from our mistakes. In the video two assignment, I interviewed a yoga instructor. Also, I have a Final project which is combining many videos, photo stories, and promo videos for Instagram. The final project is a work in the process right now. I will continue using my blog even after graduation, and I loved the fact that people are reading my hard work.

Self improvements

Many people during the period February until august had some self-improvements like losing weight, playing more sports, knowing how to cook, and some learned that family time is precious, which can’t be replaced with anything. As for myself, I read some interesting books, and I learned how to take some good shots with the photography course. My friend was improving her drawing skills. My sister and I had finished reading the Quran book several times. Also, my sister had minimized shopping online. 

one of the books that i have read

It All Started With Yoga

Sara al-sharif  is a 32 years old eygptian born and raised in kuwait. instructor in omni club. She loves to do different types of sports. She is an instructor of the differential and the mixed kinetic arts. The main thing she does is yoga. She is mainly a yoga instructor, specifically aerial yoga. She started doing yoga in 2015 after a car accident. Yoga was like physical therapy to her. She started taking a degree in 2015 in Thailand on an island called Koh Samui for the school of yoga, which originated in India. In 2016, she received a degree of Aerial yoga from America in North Carolina. Her first experience of yoga was at shaheed park. Her beginning with yoga wasn’t welcomed with open arms from the society because they believed it is part of the Buddhist religion, which is false. People practice yoga to relax the muscles and clear the mind. Fortunately, people started to accept yoga in the benefits it brings to the mind and body. In five years, there has been a lot of progress in yoga. People started to accept yoga and made a part of their daily routine,  which is the goal hoping that yoga will benefit society in many different ways.

Purpose of the topic

We picked women sports because, In our society, women do not have a lot of options in sports. Our society chooses for the women what sport she can do and what she should not do. So we are focusing on women sports in a conservative culture. Also, men’s sport gets more media attention than women sports. Nowadays, women do everything like being a judge in a match or even playing CrossFit. There is development in the past five years in sports. But we still cannot compare with Women in western culture because they are in our heads.

Difficulties Choosing a Topic

 The group and I searched for several topics and couldn’t decide what to choose because everybody had a different idea. After weighing out the pros and cons of the topics, we chose the best three topics, and we tried to contact several people. But the problem is they are not responding, so we needed another way to contact them, which is by emailing and talking to a friend who is a relative to the interviewee. Finally, we settled on a topic that we all love. We worked hard on it.

A Trip to an Italian Island

Two years ago, my family and I went to an island called Capri, which was a wonderful trip. There is no airport there. So we had to take a ferry from Naples to reach there. We were amazed by the lemons over there. We discovered later that the island is famous for the lemons. They sell products, such as lemon drinks, candies, and lemon called limoncello in the Italian language. In the italian language, the word cave is called grotto. And in Capri, there are a lot of caves, and the famous one is called Blue Grotto. A lot of people visit the island. But mostly the people over there are local Despite its small size. The island consists of two towns   Capri itself, where most of the hotels are located, and Anacapri on the hill above and slightly less expensive. Many visitors, therefore, stay in Anacapri and get one of the regular buses or reasonably priced taxis.

blue grotto