grocery shopping in covid19

The curfew in Kuwait started in march, many people were panicking, all of the groceries in Kuwait were full, and many people were buying in large quantities. Because of the curfew, all of the groceries needed a website to deliver food to people in their homes during the curfew, and they did this to let people feel food secure, and they will have food even in the curfew. 

Moreover, supermarkets had changed their ways of services. They are now appointment oriented services. People will have to go online and set up appointments. Also, they check your tempter and your appointment Qr code before entering. Moreover, you aren’t allowed to enter the supermarket if you aren’t wearing a mask and gloves.

Coronavirus and Our Studies

In February, Corona came to Kuwait. Our studies got delayed by two weeks,  then another two weeks were added. In the end, the Minister of Education decided to suspend the semester until August. As a result, the break has been longer than expected, and now with the break, they started thinking about e-learning. At first, the private university continued the spring semester online and finished. As I am writing this, the private university is starting summer online. Finally, the Minister of Education had permitted Kuwait university to begin online classes. So they will be starting e-learning in a Month.

Audio story

The Untold Story of The Heroes of Kifan

My colleague and I had interviewed several people . However, we where interested in this particular story of bravery and brotherhood. At first , it was difficult to interview him because the man was unreachable. Fortunately we had manged to reach him. After a long conversation with him , he told us about this lovely story. The audio story is about him and , and with audacity the experince was joyful

the person who we interviewed

the shaheed asa’ad who died the brother of who we interviewed

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How Was My Blogging Experience

Blogging isn’t something new, but to me, it is. The blogging experience is rewarding. I  had discovered many things, and learning became fun. And it will only take about 2 to 3 hours long to understand new concepts. It was great spending all these hours with something useful because I could add it to my resume, and blogging had given me a chance to reflect on what is happening around me. Also, I started to notice changes that are happening around more often.  Choosing a topic is hard because there are a lot of things to talk about.  Also, writing from time to time isn’t something I am used to. I usually write things in one sitting and finish it fast. In blogging, I need to write more than once a month.